The line of Triconatur products has been conceived in the research laboratory of Samp Sa, located in Camorino, in Canton Ticino, Switzerland.

The Holder, Aldo Massa, for over 40 years has been devoting his life to hair care research.
This commitment brought to the creation of specific products made with medicinal herbs, chosen for their therapeutic properties.

Expert in trichology (the branch of dermatology that deals with the scientific study of the health of hair and scalp), Aldo Massa has been taking specific in-depth courses both in France and in Italy to increase his knowledge on hair problems and treatments.
Actually the possibility to make a precise diagnosis through accurate dermatological tests, performed by Massa himself, is basic to manage and definitely solve hair and scalp problems.

Thanks to this passionate forty-year work, Samp and Triconatur have become one of the branch leader operator in the Swiss National market.